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This Agreement is the legal agreement between you and Wuhan Wanda Dragone Entertainment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “Wanda”). You must read this Agreement carefully before you use the services provided by Wanda through this website (hereinafter, the “Services”). This Agreement is legally binding. Once you click on the button of “Register” and pass the registration procedure, it indicates that you volunteer to accept all terms and conditions of this Agreement and become the registered member of Wuhan “Han Show”. If you don’t agree, please do not register, and stop using the Services of this website.

1 Service Content

Wanda has the right to determine at its own discretion the specific contents of Wuhan “Han Show” Services, including but not limited to the related network services provided to its members.

2 Member Account and Password

After successful registration, you will be provided with a login ID (account) and a password. You shall keep the account and password properly and be legally liable for all activities and events initiated by the account. In addition, you shall take full responsibility for any and all behaviors under your account in case you fail to keep the information secure and confidential. Even if your account and password are illegally used by any third party, all acts conducted by such third party through your account shall be deemed as acts under your authorization. In case of any illegal use of your member account or security breach, please contact Wanda immediately.

3 Rights and Obligations Related to the Services

3.1You shall prepare and pay by yourself the devices (such as personal computer, cell phone and other devices for access to the Internet or mobile network) for accessing the Services and the required fees (such as telephone fee and Internet access fees for accessing the Internet and cell phone fee for using the mobile network).

3.2 You have the right to use membership Services in accordance with the procedures prescribed by Wanda. If you have any objection to the Services, please contact Wanda so as to have it solved in a timely manner.

3.3 You must provide true personal information when you apply for the web Services of Wuhan “Han Show”. In case any change is made to your personal information, such information must be updated in a timely manner; or else, Wanda would be entitled to stop the Services to you, and any loss resulting therefrom shall be borne by yourself.

3.4 Wanda has the right to send promotion or other related business information to you according to your contact information. You may make a written statement to Wanda and cancel your member account if you don’t want to receive such information.

3.5 When you post a message on the website of Wuhan “Han Show” or use the Services thereof after you log in your member account, you must comply with state laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the International Law.

3.6 For any content in the publicly accessible areas you upload to the website of Wuhan “Han Show” via online news platform (including but not limited to forum, BBS, and comments) after you log in your member account, you agree to grant Wanda and its affiliates a complete, free, permanent, irrevocable, non exclusive rights and rights of sublicensing any third party worldwide to use, copy, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, disseminate, perform, and display such content (in whole or in part), and/or compile these contents into the currently known or later developed works, media or technology of any other forms.

3.7 You promise not to release the following information via the message platform related to the Services (including but not limited to forum, BBS, and comments):

3.7.1 Information that contravenes the basic principles defined in the Constitution;

3.7.2 Information that endangers state security, leaks state secrets, overturns state power and undermines national unity;

3.7.3 Information that impairs national honor and interest;

3.7.4 Information that incites ethnic hatred and ethnic discrimination and undermines national unity;

3.7.5Information that violates the country’s religious policy and promotes cults and feudal superstition;

3.7.6Information that spreads rumors, disturbs social order and undermines social stability;

3.7.7 Information that spreads obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder and terrorism or abets crime;

3.7.8 Information that insults or slanders others and infringes upon the lawful rights and interests of others;

3.7.9 Information that contains other contents that are prohibited by laws and administrative rules and regulations.

3.8 You will take full responsibility for the information released by yourself and the user of your account. If you or the user of your account spread and disseminate illegal information, the relevant system log will become the evidence of your illegal behavior.

3.9 You must not use the Services of this website to engage in the following activities:

3.9.1 Enter the computer information network or use the computer information network resources without permission;

3.9.2 Delete, modify, or add functions to the computer information network without permission;

3.9.3 Delete, modify, or add data and application stored in, processed by or transferred through the computer information network without permission;

3.9.4 Intentionally produce and spread computer viruses and other destructive procedures;

3.9.5 Other activities that endanger the safety of computer information network.

3.10 You must not disturb by any means the normal operation of the website relating to the Services.

3.11 You shall promise to comply with all provisions and procedures on the users of websites relating to the Services.

3.12If you violate the above provisions, Wanda has the right to request you to make correction or directly take all necessary measures (including but not limited to the rights of changing or deleting your published information, interrupting or terminating your use of network, etc.), to reduce or eliminate the influence caused by your improper behavior.

4 Modification and Alteration

4.1The websites related to the Services are the properties of Wanda and its licensors. Wanda reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove part of the terms of use at its own discretion at any time without prior notice to you or any liability to you or any third party. If you don’t agree to the modification, you can cancel the membership on your own. If you continue to use the Services or the websites relating to the Services after such modification, you will be deemed to have accepted the modified terms of Services. It is your responsibility to check such modification on this Agreement regularly. If you comply with this Agreement, Wanda shall give you the personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited rights to login and use this website.

5 Modification or Suspension of Service Content

5.1In view of the particularity of network services, Wanda reserves the rights to modify or suspend, in whole or in part, the network services at any time without prior notice to you or any liability to you and any third party.

6 Member Privacy Protection

Wanda respects your privacy and shall not publicize, edit, or disclose any of your personal information and the non-public content stored in the website relating to the Services when you are using the web services, except:

6.1 with your clear authorization in advance;

6.2 for compliance with the laws and regulations or the legal service program of the relevant website;

6.3 as reasonable required by the relevant governmental departments;

6.4 for safeguarding the society public interest;

6.5 for protection of the legitimate rights and interests of Wanda;

6.6 that such disclosure is required for any investigation or complaint associated with your use of this website;

6.7 that such disclosure is required for your confirmation of, contact or filing of a lawsuit against any person who may, intentionally or unintentionally, damage or interfere with the rights or property of Wanda or of any visitors or users of this website (including Wanda’s customers); or

6.8 for other legal requirements.

7 Suspension or Termination of Services

7.1 Wanda shall have the right to suspend or terminate at any time the Services offered to you under this Agreement without prior notice to you or any liability to you or any third party if/in case of:

7.1.1 Your personal information submitted to Wanda is untrue.

7.1.2 You breach this Agreement or regulations described in other agreements or guidelines associated with this website or you fail to perform your obligations hereunder and thereunder.

7.1.3 At the request of law enforcement agencies or government agencies.

7.1.4 Unexpected technical problems.

7.1.5 This website or any Services provided in this website is suspended or in major modification.

7.2 You may terminate the Services provided to you according to your need by giving a notice to the Company at any time. After the termination of the Services, your right of using the Services will be terminated at the same time. Since the termination of membership Services, Wanda will not be responsible to you.

7.3 You agree that Wanda will not be liable to you or any third party if the Company terminates your access permissions to this website as a result of any breach of this Agreement.

8 Intellectual Property

8.1 The text, images, graphics, audio and video information provided by Wanda and licensors on the network services are protected by copyright, trademark right and other relevant laws and regulations. No one shall copy or spread these contents or use the same for any other commercial purposes without written consent of the Company. All or any part of these data can only be used for personal or non-commercial use and stored in a computer.

8.2 All rights affiliated to any software (including but not limited to any text, graphics, audio, video data and other auxiliary information in the software) used for offering network services of Wanda shall belong to the software copyright holder. No reverse engineering, reverse compile, or disassembling shall be made without the consent of the copyright holder.

8.3 If any copyright holder finds that any content published by you on the website relating to the Services infringes upon his/her copyright and issues written notice and provides preliminary proof of ownership to Wanda or Wanda’s affiliates, Wanda has the right to remove the relevant contents and retain relevant data without prior notice to any members.

9 Disclaimer

9.1 Wanda is not reliable for any direct, indirect, incidental, derivative, punitive, special and consequential, collateral, disciplinary damages, including profit loss, due to your improper or illegal use of the Services, trading on the net or changes of the transferred information.

9.2 Considering Wanda is unable to review in advance any act conducted by any third party by making use of the Services, you agree that Wanda does not warrant and is not liable for any third party acts (including but not limited to, such third party’s threatening, defamatory, obscene, offensive or illegal content or conduct or infringement upon the rights of others) and for content contained in the Services or sent via the Services by any third party. If you believe your rights and interests are infringed by such third party through the Services, please send a written notice to Wanda and provide related proof of your rights.

9.3 You explicitly agree that all risks arising from and all consequences resulted from use of the Services of Wuhan “Han Show” shall be borne by yourself.

9.4 Wanda is not liable for any network service interruption or other defects caused due to force majeure or reasons beyond the control of Wanda, provided however, Wanda will make every effort to reduce losses and influence on you.

9.5 Wanda shall not make any assurance to the network services offered by it except for the contents in its written commitment, including but not limited to:

9.5.1 The network service may meet your requirements or the requirements of other users;

9.5.2The network service may not be interrupted;

9.5.3 The network service may be provided in time, safely and accurately.

10 Links to Other Websites

10.1 This website may contain links to other independent third party websites (“Linked Sites”). Such Linked Sites are provided only for the convenience of visitors and are not controlled by Wanda. Wanda does not accept or assume any liability for their contents, including any information or materials of such Linked Sites. You have to make your own judgment when you interact with such Linked Sites.

11 Compensation

11.1 If Wanda suffers from any third party disputes, litigations and claims for your reasons, you agree to compensate Wanda and its affiliated enterprises and employees for the corresponding losses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) and make every effort to minimize the losses.

12 Notices

12.1 All notices can be sent to you through announcement on the important page, E-mails and regular mails.

13 Laws

13.1 The validity, interpretation and enforcement of this Agreement shall be governed by the law of the People’s Republic of Chinanot including the law of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. If any dispute occurs, it shall be submitted to the people’s court of competent jurisdiction of the place where Wanda is incorporated.

13.2If any content in this Agreement is fully or partially invalid or unenforceable due to violation of mandatory provisions of laws and regulations, you and Wanda agree that other unaffected contents herein shall remain effective to the maximum extent and have the binding force to Wanda and you.

14 Titles

14.1 Titles in this Agreement are only for convenience and shall be ignored in the interpretation of this Agreement.

15 Feedback and Information

Any feedback provided by you to this website is considered to be unclassified. Wanda can use such information at any time without any limitation.

Wanda can send the notice to you through the important announcement page, the email you provided or otherwise. Such notice is deemed to have served to you on the day when the notice is sent to you or on the second day when the announcement is delivered, which is earlier.