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Q1. Is there any preferential treatment provided for solders or the handicapped?

A: Sorry, at present, we have not released any preferential policy for soldiers or the handicapped yet.

Q2. Is payment by credit card allowable? What cards are allowable?

A: VISA, MASTER CARD and UnionPay cards are all allowable. UnionPay cards are recommended.

Q3. What services will be provided for VVIP audience?

A: VVIP audience will not be disturbed by others because we set up special pathways and lounges for VVIP audience, and special personnel are assigned to provide services.

Q4. What are the differences among VVIP, VIP, A, B and C seats?

A: Within a moderate distance from the stage, VVIP and VIP seats lie in the optimal location for audience to appreciate the performance, as well as the optimal point to enjoy the sound and lighting effects. 

A seats are the nearest from the stage. Audience seated here could enjoy close contact with performers, and the great shock of the performance.

Seated in B seats, audience could enjoy fairly good sound and lighting effects at a reasonable price.

C seats are the most economic ones. According to the professional design, audience seated here could enjoy a 270°view. Therefore, audience’s optimal experience would not be affected by the location of seats.

Q5. Is there any restriction imposed on children’s height for entrance?

A: Children's height less than 1.5meters entrance the show need take children ticket and full capacity for civil conduct of adults. Higher than 1.5meters should take adult ticket.

Q6. Is audience allowed to take pictures or shoot with cameras?

A: In order not to affect the entire atmosphere and performers’ morale, please do not take pictures or shoot with cameras during the performance. Furthermore, flickers made by flashlights would affect performers, even cause certain risks because performers would challenge stunts during the performance, so cameras are forbidden. We are so sorry, but we hope you could understand.

Q7. Why is the show time so short (long)?

A: You may feel that time flies due to the tensions, the excitement and high technologies during the performance. The normal show time is about 90 minutes. Too-long show time is prone to cause audience’s fatigue, while too-short show time limits performers to fully demonstrate the show contents. We will present an entertainment show for you, so you are expected to feel relaxed and happy during a reasonable time.

Q8. What special effects will be demonstrated in the Han Show?

A: Special effects include water special effect, fire special effect, mist special effect, compressed air, environment (bubbles, snow), etc. Performance with various special effects will cover the entire wet area and part of audience area.

Q9. What high-tech lighting equipment is adopted in the Han Show?

A: The world-top German grandMA2full-size console is adopted in the control section. Currently, the equipment has only been adopted by Olympics opening ceremony, World Expo, National Grand Theatre and other well-known stages. The lighting consists of the light-dimmer silicon controlled rectifier, the lighting network system, the blue work light system and more than 2000 luminaries of hundreds of types. Dimming modules are installed in a distributed pattern rather than the concentrated pattern adopted by other domestic theaters. The ring-shape distributed lamplight could present lighting effects in three dimensions, so the performance is of stronger rendering.

Q10. What high-tech sound equipment is adopted in the Han Show?

A: To achieve perfect sound effects, all sound equipment adopted by the Hanshow is the top series of world-top brands. Meyer Sound MILO High-Power Line Array Speaker is adopted, consisting of 367 speaker boxes. To match with the Hanshow’s unique moveable seats, a moveable speaker suspension system, unparalleled in the world, is adopted by the Hanshow to achieve the optimal sound quality.

Q11. What tourist spots are located around the Han Show theater?

A: The Hanshow theater is surrounded by many famous tourist spots, including:

1. Yellow Crane Tower

2. The East Lake Scenic Area, including Tingtao (Listening to Surging Waves), Mo Hill (Millstone Hill), Luoyan (Diving Wild Goose), Mo Hill Botanical Garden, Sakura Garden, Plum Garden.

3. Hubuxiang

4. Tanhualing

5. Hubei Provincial Museum

6. Wuhan University

7. Wuhan Tiandi

8. The Hankou River Beach

Q12. What hotels are located in the surrounding areas of the Hanshow theater?

A: There are many hotels surrounding the Hanshow theater, including:

1. Wanda Reign Hotel. Located in Wuhan Central Cultural District, the hotel is close to the East Lake Scenic Area and the Han Street. As a luxury six-star hotel run by Wanda Group, the hotel covers an overall floorage of 70,800m2. The hotel has 21 overground floors and 4 underground floors with 411 guestrooms. In the hotel, the dining room is open all hours. In addition, other facilities, including Chinese restaurant, banquet hall, in-door thermostatic swimming pool, fitness center, hair salon, are provided for guests to indulge in comfortable leisure time.

2. Wanda Realm Hotel. Located in the core zone of the Chu River and Han Street, the hotel is close to centers of science, education, culture and business, benefited from convenient traffic facilities. The hotel covers an overall floorage of 48,000m2, having a building height of 93.60m. The hotel has 21 overground floors and 2 underground floors with 409 guestrooms. Equipped with improved facilities, including Chinese and Western restaurants, swimming pool, fitness center, business center, meeting room, banquet hall, SPA center, beauty salon, parking lot and so on, the hotel is an optimum choice for commercial, governmental affairs and tourism.

3. Wanda Westin Hotel. The hotel was open for business on July 1st, 2011. Located at the core of the Wanda Binjiang Business District along the beach of the Yangtze River, the hotel enjoys a favorable environment and convenient traffic. The main building has 23 floors with 350 guestrooms. The hotel provides various facilities, including banquet hall, multifunctional conference hall, dining room, bar, swimming pool, gym, as well as private services customized by professional teams. So the hotel is an urban oasis for you to get relaxed hiding from the world.

4. In addition, there are also some five-star hotels, such as East Lack Hotel, Poly Hotel, Hongguang Hotel, Hongshan Hotel, and some four-star hotels, such as Donghu Mansion, Hongyi Hotel.