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CEO of DreamWorks Animation Visited Wuhan and Spoke Highly of Han Show

After renowned director Zhang Yimou and movie star Zhang Hanyu, Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation and Hollywood producer, visited Han Show on February 7th. This big shot of the global culture and entertainment industry visited China exclusively to witness the charm of Han Show, the greatest show in the world.


The Han Show, an exotic experience in Wuhan

The Han Show, this spectacular world-class production is a romantic journey transcending through time and space, a spectacle of technical innovations and artistic feats, an audio-visual feast that combines dreams and reality, a thrilling and unforgettable eulogy to water-based shows.


Wanda Movie Park & Han Show New Landmark Switch-on Ceremony Prevailed in Wuhan on Sept. 20.

Group is striving to pioneer new height of cultural transformation based in the heartland of Wuhan. In retrospect...


“Han Show”: New-Generation Challenges World Top Stage Shows

In July, I shoot the Red Lantern Talent Show for Han Show Theatre of Wanda Group gained enormous popularity. Ae...


“I shoot the Red Lantern” activity surprised Wuhan citizens

With the completion of the Han Show Theatre, the milestone of Wanda culture industry, the image of the Red Lant...


The "Wuhan Prides" Launch the Global Pre-Sale of Tickets on 20 June

On 20 June, the Wanda Realm Hotel Wuhan witnessed the “Global Focus, Wuhan’s Prides —— Wuhan Wanda Movie Park & the Hanshow’s Joint-Sale Ceremony”