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Dear audience:

In order to create a comfortable, elegant watching environment, make you and others fully enjoy the charm of art, please help us do the followings:

1.    Dress properly,no disheveled people.

2.    No smoking in the theatre.

3.    Please hold your ticket all the times, and please be seated by your assigned seat number.  The theatre reserves the right to refuse those who have lost tickets, or using stolen tickets, expired tickets or counterfeit tickets.  Free admission for children under 1.0 m (without seat).  Special tickets for children between 1.0 m and 1.5 m.  Children may only enter the theater when accompanied by adults with full capacity for civil conduct.  One adult may only bring one ticket-free child to enter the theatre; any additional children should purchase a child ticket.

4.    No outside food and beverage are allowed to enter the theatre.

5.    Large luggage should be deposited at the cloakroom. Take care of your valuables, the theatre shall not be responsible for any loss。It is prohibited to carry dangerous, flammable, explosive goods and pets into the theatre.  

6.    Please wait patiently at the gate for the late arrivals, the service staff will take you to the seat in the appropriate time.

7.    Please switch your electronic devices to silence mode.  Photographing and videotaping is forbidden during the show.

8.    When you leave your seat during the show, please ask the guest service representative for a sub- ticket for re-entering the seating area.

9.    For the safety of the artists, using laser pen or flash light during the performance are strictly prohibited; and please do not climb over the handrail or throw things into the pool area.

10.Professional camera and recording device is prohibited to enter the theatre.

11.It is strictly prohibited to fight affray, theft and other illegal and criminal behavior.  If been found, theatre has the right to stop and report to the public safety bureau for assistance.

12.For these patrons due to their own fault causes the situation and / or the third party safety accident, injury or property damage etc., the patrons will be legally responsible for such damage or loses.  

13. The show involves seats moving and sound, light effects, so may not suitable for certain individuals (High blood pressure, heart disease, psychosis, epilepsy patients) and children, senior to watch.   For audience’s  health, age condition factor and unable to adapt to the venue, such as special effects caused by the coherent, constantly watching performances or body unwell wait for a circumstance, the responsibility shall be borne by the audience.

14.Please carefully read the policies above before entering the theatre and thank you for your cooperation.

Enjoy the show!

The Han Show Theatre

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